Maximizing Customer Reviews: How a Bouncy Castle Business Achieved 9 Five-Star Reviews in One Weekend


The purpose of this case study is to highlight the success story of a bouncy castle business that faced some challenges in collecting customer reviews because the customers, although thrilled with the inflatable, and the service, were all too often too busy to leave a 5-Star review on Google. By utilizing “Tap to Review Me” cards, the business was able to generate an impressive total of 9 five-star reviews in just one weekend. This case study delves into the business’s previous review collection issues, the implementation of the new strategy, and the positive outcomes that followed.


The bouncy castle business (Elmbridge Inflatables based in Surrey) has been operating for several years and provides high-quality inflatable rentals for parties and events. Despite delivering exceptional service, the business struggled to gather many 5-Star customer reviews, resulting in missed opportunities to attract new customers. The owners recognized the importance of positive 5* reviews and sought a solution to amplify their online presence.

The “Tap to Review Me” Card Implementation:

To address the review collection problem, the business decided to implement “Tap to Review Me” cards, a novel approach to encourage customers to leave feedback.

These cards contain cutting-edge technology that, when tapped on a customer’s phone, automatically opens up the business’s Google page, providing a direct and effortless way for customers to leave a review. This convenient and time-saving feature eliminated the need for customers to search for the business’s review page, making the process quick, easy, and highly convenient.

By providing a hassle-free and instant method to leave reviews, the business ensured that customers could effortlessly share their experiences without any unnecessary steps or barriers. This not only saved time but also made the process of leaving a review much more convenient and user-friendly, leading to a higher response rate from customers.


Over the course of one weekend, the business experienced a significant upswing in positive customer reviews. Their “Tap to Review Me” cards played a crucial role in garnering immediate responses and positive feedback. The outcome included:

a. Nine Five-Star Reviews on Google: The business received a remarkable total of nine five-star reviews within the span of just one weekend. These reviews highlighted the exceptional service, timely delivery, and the enjoyment customers experienced during their events.

b. Improved Online Presence: The influx of positive reviews substantially enhanced the business’s online presence. The higher rating and increased number of reviews boosted the bouncy castle business’s visibility on review platforms, search engines, and social media.

c. Increased Customer Trust: The collection of genuine and positive customer reviews instilled confidence in potential customers. The bouncy castle business saw an influx of inquiries and bookings from individuals who cited the overwhelmingly positive reviews as a key factor in their decision-making process.

Key Learnings and Recommendations:

a. Streamline the Review Collection Process: By simplifying the review process with the “Tap to Review Me” cards, the business significantly increased the chances of customers leaving feedback. Other businesses looking to enhance their review collection should consider adopting a similar approach.

b. Continuously Engage with Customers: The bouncy castle business actively engaged with customers by promptly responding to reviews, addressing concerns, and expressing gratitude for positive feedback. This ongoing interaction further strengthened customer relationships and loyalty.

c. Leverage Positive Reviews in Marketing Efforts: The abundance of positive reviews should be utilized to their full potential. The business could showcase these reviews on their website, social media platforms, and marketing materials, reinforcing their reputation and attracting new customers.


Through the implementation of “Tap to Review Me” cards, the bouncy castle business was able to overcome its previous struggles in collecting customer reviews. The innovative approach resulted in a weekend filled with nine five-star reviews, positively impacting the business’s online presence, customer trust, and overall success. By actively engaging with customers and leveraging these reviews in marketing.