The success of your business depends on your customer’s reviews (especially 5* ones on Google) Sadly, many customers never leave you a review because it’s too much hassle, or they don’t know how, or they just forget. Our cards solve this problem once and for all! 

3 simple Steps (& 1 optional step) to convert your happy customers into 5-star reviewers and skyrocket your 5-Star reviews on Google

Step 1

Move your card closer to your customer’s phone or gently tap it against their phone.

Step 2

your customer’s phone is automatically re-directed to your google review form

Step 3

your customer can now instantly leave you a 5-star review on google in under 5 seconds. watch your business reputation get transformed!

Step 4

optional service: You can also access our special technology which can post a public reply to your customers who leave a review on your Google page in an ultra-professional way (accept, edit or reject the reply before it gets posted)

We can send you one (or more) of our beautiful “tap to Review Me cards” personalised for your business

Your customers can leave you a 5* review on your Google page in under 5 seconds, and this enhances your professionalism as well as helping you rank higher in Google because you have more reviews!  (Your customer does NOT need to have any “app” loaded on their phone, to access your Google Review Page, the technology is already built into their phone at the factory 🙂

Did You Know?

“Only 1% of happy customers leave a 5* review”.  Source: Amazon.  Our game-changing card technology can increase this figure to almost 100% because our cards make it massively easier and quicker for your happy customers to leave you a 5* review on your Google page.

How our “tap to review ME” cards work

When you’ve just completed a particular service for a customer and they express their thanks and appreciation, that’s the time to ask them to leave a Google review for you. Simply tap your card against your customer’s phone and it will automatically and instantly open up your Google Page and your company’s reviews. Your customer just needs to write a review (hopefully five-stars) and press submit. THAT’S IT!! DONE!! No need for your customer to tell you that they’ll do it later, it only takes 5 – 10 seconds!

Helping your customers leave 5-star reviews for your business

Our “TapToReviewMe” Cards are personalised to your business and are extremely easy to use so that your customers can leave you a 5-star review in seconds. Tap your card against their phone and they can instantly leave a review for you. No more fumbling and clicking around trying to find your Google Review Page. It happens automatically!

Does this sound familiar? The promised review that never arrives….

So, you’ve just provided a superb service for a customer and they are delighted, and tell you that they will leave you a 5-star review later that day. But, they sadly forget and the promised review never materialises. Our “TapToReviewMe” cards solve this very frustrating problem once and for all !

Some of our clients who have ordered one or more Review Cards from us

Our uk pricing list

We hope that you find a price point that is affordable and offers outstanding value to help grow your number of 5-Star reviews on Google and help improve your rankings in the Google “Maps” and organic SEO

£ 39 .95
  • One TapToReviewMe Card
  • + one-time fee of £39.95 for first card + £20 per additional card

Our us pricing list

$ 49 .95
  • One TapToReviewMe Card
  • + one-time fee of $49.99 for the first card + $27 one-off fee per additional card
our amazing google review card technology also comes with some powerful extras to help you not only skyrocket your 5* google reviews but also showcase them in the best way. and we also give you access to our incredible software which will enable you to reply to your google reviews (in an ultra-professional way) in an instant!

our other optional services to complement your google review card(s)

google review pop-up widget

Get ready to boost your business’s online reputation with the Google Review Pop up widget! This amazing tool allows you to showcase your five-star Google reviews right on your website, making it easy for potential customers to see why they should choose your business. With the Google Review Pop up widget, you’ll be able to build trust and credibility in no time. This widget is incredibly user-friendly and customizable, and we provide the code for your web-master to add to your website. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, the Google Review Pop up widget is a must-have. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand out from your competition and increase your sales. Get the Google Review Pop up widget now!

Click here to see an example website that already hasthis Google Review Pop-Up Widget installed.   

Magic video bubble for your website

 As an alternative to a “Google Review Pop-Up Widget” you can have a FREE Magic Video Bubble with your TapToReview.Me card. it’s been proven time and time again that if a website welcomes all of its visitors then it creates a little bond with them – and the visitor is then more likely to want to do business with that website (People buy people first) 

Click here to see an example website that already has this video bubble installed 

full Access to our amazing reply to your reviews software

Respond to all your Google Reviews in seconds using our cutting-edge technology which harnesses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do all the heavy lifting for you. We offer a solution to automate the time-consuming and sometimes challenging task of responding to Google reviews from your customers. Our AI-powered platform generates extremely high-quality and CUSTOMIZED responses in real-time. The software communicates with your customers in an ultra-professional way, saving you valuable time and impressing not just your customers, but also your potential customers reading your replies to your reviews.

Click here to read more details about this amazing software.   

Interested in getting a lot more 5-Star Google reviews for your business? LET’S TALK!